Your Dollars At Work
It is vital to Colon Cancer Canada that funds raised at Push For Your Tush locations, remains in the community. We fund various projects according to the need in that community. Portions of the funds raised will also fund national priorities which include The Wendy Bear and My Colon Cancer Companion.
Examples of specific projects include:

University of Calgary
Funds were directed to the University of Calgary will help to develop new research in Cancer surgery in Calgary and southern Alberta. Through the recruitment of a clinical scientist who will advance the translational aspects of surgical oncology, the fund will help in the development of new treatments and lead improvements in cancer surgery to ensure that the best surgical treatments are available for better cancer patient outcomes.

London Health Sciences
Funds were directed to surgical instrumentation to facilitate TAMIS procedures and support colorectal outcomes based research, which is vital to enhancing patient care.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Edmonton
Funds were directed towards a high quality prospective database for all patients diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in the Edmonton area.  Database support staff, maintenance, research and analysis. Funding a structured patient support group.

Chalmers Foundation - Fredericton
Funds directed to the Chalmers Foundation to purchase an Argon Plasma Coagulation Unit (APC).  This machine not only allows the doctor to do that effectively, they can look at the polyp site and use the APC to cauterize the edges to ensure any microscopic cells that may still be present are killed off

BC Cancer Foundation
Funds raised were directed to the BC Cancer Foundation to assist with their awareness / screening campaign.  This campaign was targeting 50-74 year olds living on Vancouver Island.